Meet TED – The Executive Director

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

While it’s been out and about informally, we would like to officially introduce Brian Reid’s appointment to the role we have affectionately called TED, aka The Executive Director.

In an effort to both serve as a conduit to the Board and the Mahasukha community in both directions, as well as help with resourcing event coordination, and communications, the much-needed role of TED was created.

Our RTSA (Resident Teacher/Spiritual Advisor), Mira Kingsley, facilitates the vision of the Center and chairs the curriculum committee to set the programs for the year. TED collaborates with the RTSA on the implementation of the vision and the programs, while supporting the committees involved. We also see TED as a way to help streamline information coming both to and from the Board. We hope this gives people a resource to seek assistance when volunteering or producing an event, as well as a way to stay in touch with Board members when they’re unavailable.

Looking to volunteer, seeking information about an event you’re producing or have a question or suggestion for the Board? Then give a shout out to TED.

Please join us in welcoming Brian, and feel free to seek him out if you have a question or need assistance at

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