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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

-Contributed by Andrew LauGel

For an alternative to “stupid, awful, and/or boring” media, I highly recommend the Conscious Media Network (CMN).

Produced by Regina and Scott Meredith, CMN streams 30 minute interviews with authors, scientists, doctors, and metaphysicians who present “imperative and inspiring information serving the globally conscious community.” Hosted by Regina Meredith, a gracious and well-informed professional, these brief interviews are a breath of fresh air from the leading fringe of streaming video interview.

The CMN home page features 5 two-minute “preview” interviews which non-subscribers may stream at no cost, and a $5/month subscription provides access to a healthy set of archived half-hour sessions with an intriguing variety of notable guests.

As of this writing (1/18/09), two preview guests are of special interest to Lama Marut’s fans and followers, and Regina’s full interviews with them are definitely worth a month’s subscription in themselves.

Not to be missed is Rick Hansen, author of “Buddha’s Brain – The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom.” It’s fun and reassuring to learn from Mr. Hansen that state of the art neuroscience is finally catching up with Ye Olde Tyme Lamas, often confirming, word for word, their practical advice for achieving happiness, compassion, and meditative concentration.

Intonations from Timothy Freke’s interview will endear him to those of us who are thrilled by Lama-ji’s linguistic dexterities, and from Mr. Freke’s replies to Regina’s queries, I couldn’t help but imagine the creative and insightful “grammitas” that would follow should these two great minds ever meet.

For now, thanks to Regina Meredith and the Conscious Media Network,  we can at least let Rick Hansen, Timothy Freke, and Lama Sumati Marut converse within our own mind streams, and enjoy the wild white water ride that follows.

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