New Exciting Fall 2013 Programs

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

The Curriculum Committee has generated a fall season full of exciting new and recurring events. Here are a just few highlights:

Insight Meditation Workshop
Experiments with Wisdom: The Buddha’s Four Applications of Mindfulness

Fri-Sun., Oct. 25-27 with Douglas Veenhof

Last February, Douglas taught a progression of meditations at Mahasukha that can lead to the effortless, single-pointed concentration called shamatha, the contemplative telescope. In this workshop, Doug returns to teach “The Buddha’s Four Applications of Mindfulness,” the empirical science, or vipashyana, that uses that telescope to attain ultimate experiential wisdom.

Common Ground: Guest Dialogue Series
Friday, Nov. 8th at 7:30pm
Famed philosopher, author and cognitive scientist Daniel C. Dennett

This new series brings together Mahasukha Teachers with inspiring people from their personal lineage for an evening of enlightening conversation. Coming from a variety of faiths and meaningful modalities, each guest and teacher will explore and share valuable insights and experiences on the common ground of compassion and wisdom. The series was launched with great success in October with Jason Rosenfield and Rev. Barry Taylor of All Saint’s Episcopal Church. This November, Jed Forman welcomes special guest, Daniel Dennett, well-known for his study of religion in relation to cognitive science and consciousness.

The Problem, The Cause, The Goal and The Solution
Mondays, Nov. 18-Dec. 9 from 7:30-9:30p with Jason Rosenfield

This foundational Middle Way Course focuses on a universally applicable set of four questions engaged by anyone who enters a spiritual practice. Readings will be drawn from a variety of traditions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity to open up the universal nature of the spiritual path. This class provides practical guidance for those seeking to awaken or more deeply engage their life’s path.

As an affiliate of the Middle Way Centers (MWC), we are happy to introduce the new 4-class series of MWC courses as a part of our ongoing curriculum. The In-depth study courses will continue to be offered in addition to the MWC series.

One Bright Hour
Sundays: Nov. 24 and Dec. 15

This new monthly service offers a sweet time to reflect upon and enjoy what’s sacred in your life with a community. Each gathering will provide rituals to clear your conscience, space for quiet reflection, inspirational readings and time to share with others in a meaningful way. Led by a Mahasukha Teacher, everyone is welcome.

6th Annual Festival of Bliss Fest
Sat., Dec. 7th at 7p

Join us for our 6th annual celebration of generosity and gratitude. This is a wonderful occasion to thank you and celebrate the community of compassion and wisdom we’re creating together in the world.

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