The Art Sutra Urban Retreat

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Art Sutra Urban Retreat was an exciting new direction for the Mahasukha Center, a dynamic and inclusive event that saw as many as 50 first-timers and lots of regulars coming through the door for classes that spanned the artistic disciplines, and culminated with an electronic Dub Kirtan jam to a packed house on Sunday night.

Beginning Friday, September 10, the event took flight as Lama Marut and Cindy Lee gave a brilliant talk on ‘Art, the Senses and Emptiness’, and ‘Transcendent Speech’.   On Saturday, Mahasukha teacher Brian Reid taught a class that linked the creative process, selflessness, and infinite potential.

Claire Thompson followed Brian’s lesson with an exploration in the emptiness and power of touch, and later Mira Kingsly gave us personal, poetic and practical ways to explore and live the Four bodies of a Buddha, in both her lecture and dance classes.

Sunday opened with resident Mahasukha yoga teachers Sarah Canfield and Rebecca Stanley exploring the six flavors of emptiness with Tibetan Heart Yoga.  Next, visiting teacher Douglas Paul Smith shared his meditative approach to art and contemplative calligraphy.  Darin McFadyen’s ‘Basslines and Buddhism’ talk on Sunday afternoon explored how music works with the mind and how the high of the dance floor can be cultivated on the yoga mat.  Then everyone celebrated with song and dance.   See gallery below! – Special thanks to Claire Thompson

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