On the Road with Claire and Darin

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Now that Mahasukha’s very own Claire and Darin have maroked, they have taken to the road teaching the Dharma.  Highlights from their journey will be featured regularly in the quarterly newsletter.  To find out their current teaching schedule, and to follow their personal blog once its online, check out http://www.theartsutra.com/.  Until then…

Favorite moments from travelling with the dharma:


I loved teaching in Hawaii.  I have been visiting Hawaii for 20 years, I have 4 generations of family living out there, and over the years it has been a place of magic and beauty and heartbreak and rest for me.  This time when we visited the Big Island, where my dad lives, we taught a Meditation Basics class at Hawaiian Sanctuary.  Darin and I had a full 90 minutes of deep lineage advice on meditation and happiness to pass along, so when it started raining – loud heavy tropical drops on the plastic roof of the screen-walled yoga studio – first we tried shouting over it.  I heard it, listening back to the audio – our little voices strained and high-pitched to try to pass on this time-tested wisdom over the roar of the elements.  It didn’t work.  After that, as every 20 minutes or so a heavy raincloud would blow in from the sea, dropping its water into the forest as it rose up the mountain, we would just pause.  A built-in meditation.  It was such a wonderful chance, without being able to plan when, for us all to stop and think about what we were saying or hearing, and why we were here.   It was perfect.

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Wandering around a town you barely know looking for the basic necessities for survival at 3am is a common occurrence for any travelling DJ. But in Australia I found myself for the first time wandering the sunny and deserted streets of post Christmas Melbourne combing the few open shops in Prahran for vases, flowers and sellotape at 3pm. No headphones in hand, no CD’s in the bag, just a folder of notes and a pocket full of crossed fingers hoping that my Facebook outreach to our Yoga and music mates in the area had reached the target demographic….those interested in finding out what exactly is happening to them when they reach those ecstatic states on the nightclub dancefloor, and how it can be replicated using the path of Yoga.

After doing a lightning strike on the perpetually open $1 store on Chapel St (2 Glass Vases), Coles Supermarket (Flowers & water), and 7-11 (sellotape) I had enough to set up the space with the lineage feel (note to self… where’s the snacks?), and spent an amazing evening with 20 or so of the most incredible and sweet people. Music people who love what they know to be a path but don’t know why it works the way it does, Yoga and Dharma practitioners who love music and came to share with and teach me, and some that were deeply into both. It was so cool to see our a-ha moments (more mine than theirs I think) collide and illuminate each others past experiences of the dance floor.  To connect with those who practice deep into the often ill-reputed world of  Dance Music culture and use it to fuel lives dedicated to helping others. To have the opportunity to connect some of Lama Marut’s students was an added bonus I hadn’t planned on and rounded of the whole evening perfectly. (Thank you to Maree F for everything!).

We would not be able to experience any of this if it were not for the precious teachings poured into us by our Lamas – Thank you, thank you!

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