In Appreciation: The Heroes of the Horseshoe 2 Fire

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The following poem is included here as a thank you to all of the firefighters that risked their lives in order to combat  the Horseshoe 2 Fire in the Chiricahua Mountains, home to Diamond Mountain.  The fire, which burned from May 8th to late June 2011, consumed over 200,000 acres before stopping at the boundaries of the Great Retreat.  That complete strangers would risk their lives in order to support the ongoing retreat for peace is proof positive that angels walk among us.  Many prayers of thanks are due to the members of the press that brought nationwide attention to the fires.  Last, but not least, many blessings to the brave volunteers at DMU that kept the retreat going despite the terrible odds.  You are all an inspiration.

Cowboy in a Hardhat

There’s a fire on the mountain
There’s a a fire in the town
There’s flames across the prairie
Seems the whole world’s burnin’ down

There’s terror in my horse’s eye
An’ mine are wild and white
‘Cause the devil’s slingin’ fireballs
An’ it feels like hell tonight

An’ we’re cryin’ for the cavalry
We’re prayin’ for the rain
‘Cause this place is dry and tinder
Like as not we’ll build again

But I turned loose all the critters
Wife an’ kids are in the truck
Seems we been run out of Dodge
An’ we sure run out of luck

Then through the wild inferno
There rides a hero band
On their big red fire wagons
An’ lord, they’ve come to make a stand

They look the devil in the eye
Boys, it’s do or die tonight
Says a cowboy in a hardhat
Come to set things right

The cowboy in the hardhat
Shakes out a loop of hose
He may be spittin’ in the wind
But seems this cowboy knows

The odds are stacked agin’ him
An’ all that’s in the path
But it’s something that he’s born to
To take on nature’s wrath

Then the flames take on a hunger
And it seems he’ll be consumed
But singed and sooty he fights on
No thought of death or doom

As the conflagration darts and ebbs
Then comes in waves again
But the cowboy in the hardhat
Is not like other men

Who merely do the possible
To hold what’s in their grasp
He reaches deep within himself
And finds the strength to last

Beyond the tresholds mortals keep
Within the lines and odds
He’ll stop the devil in his dance
Upheld by greater gods

Then through the soot and cinder
The ashes and the steam
My home stands firmly founded
‘Mid the smoke as in a dream

Then the heroes mount their wagons
An’ pull their hard hats down
No time for praise or gratitude
For the fire still burns in town

But we’ll remember when it’s o’er
And take the time to tell
Of the cowboy in the hardhat
Who quenched the fires of hell

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