Lady Niguma’s Yoga Explained

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Submitted by Rhondda Smiley

On June 18 in Toronto, Geshe Michael Roach taught the Lady Niguma’s Yoga series, who Lady Niguma was, and how this yoga works. My husband Alan Madsen and 9 year old daughter India Madsen attended with me. Here’s what India had to say about the workshop.


Rhondda Smiley: Why did you go to the yoga class?

India Madsen: I thought it might be interesting, and because my mom Rhondda would be sad if I didn’t.

RS: Was it interesting?

IM: Yes, it was.

RS: What did you hear about at the teaching?

IM: Well, I heard about how Geshe Michael, what he did at the monastery, and I learned about a lot of yoga. He talked about someone who, she was teaching girls their yoga in the clouds.

RS: Do you remember her name?

IM: No.

RS: Lady Niguma.

IM: But it was only for girls. Then this boy comes and asks her if she could teach him and she said no, then she said yes, but not here.

RS: That was Naropa… do you remember when Geshe Michael brought out the cords? What was that about?

IM: Your channels. There was the biscotti channel, the traffic jam channel, and the contented channel.

RS: What are those?

IM: Well, the biscotti channel is when you think you just want to keep getting more of something when you’re not enjoying it anymore. For instance, you’re eating cereal and all you’re thinking about is having another bite. And the traffic jam channel is when you’re angry or annoyed. And the contented channel is when you’re happy.

RS: Where would you like to be?

IM: The happy channel.

RS: What helps with that?

IM: Yoga.

RS: How does yoga help with that?

IM: It untangles the knots in the channels.

RS: You’ve been to a few other teachings, and sometimes we talk about Buddhism. What did you think of this one?

IM: In most of the teachings I go to, the teachers are always talking about all this Buddhist stuff that they talked about in previous classes. Like, you wouldn’t be able to understand if you don’t go every single day or week. But when I heard Geshe Michael talk, he explained it so that anyone could understand it.

RS: Are you doing anything different since you went?

IM: I’ve been doing a little booklet – I write down three things that happened, well two things that happened. I write one thing that I’m grateful for, one thing good that I did, and one good thing that somebody else did.

RS: And when do you do that?

IM: Usually in the evening.

RS: Why do you do that?

IM: Its good karma, and I like doing it.

RS: What’s karma?

IM: When you do something nice, and something nice will happen to you, in the future. And if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you in the future.

If you would like to hear the audio of Geshe Michael’s Lady Niguma Yoga Workshop given in Detroit in 2010 or view a PDF of the asanas, please click here.

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