On the Road with Claire and Darin

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Here is the second installment of the feature following Mahasukha’s road warriors Claire and Darin.  This summer has seen them teaching on the lovely island of Hawaii, in the suburbs of London, England, as well as in my hometown of Chicago, IL.  Here in the Windy City they gave two public lectures at the Moksha Yoga Center on the city’s northside.  Saturday’s talk focused on the aspects of what a daily practice should look like (as discussed in the letter to the editor), and Sunday saw an encore of the Yoga of Bass talk.  Hope you enjoy the photos of our lamas in action, and if your practice needs a boost, here’s a list of to do’s to get to happiness.

A Daily Practice:  14 components of a spiritual life

  1. Get enough sleep—most of us aren’t!
  2. Get up naturally—that means without an alarm clock.
  3. Loll about in bed for a while and think  (a) What an amazing life we lead! (b) Death is coming (c) We don’t know when (d) At death the way we have treated others is the only thing that will matter.
  4. Meditate—prayer or contemplation.
  5. Quiet time—take 30 minutes of silence a day and think, “Is there any unfinished business I need to resolve today?”
  6. Do Something Kind for someone else everyday, preferably anonymously.
  7. Keep a Spiritual Diary—”the Book” instructions can be found by clicking here.
  8. Do some physical exercise—Yoga, Tai Chi, running.
  9. Couch Potato Contemplation—sit back, relax, and think, “What would it be like to be totally happy?”
  10. Study a Sacred Text for 30 minutes a day.
  11. Once a Week take a Day Off—really, go ahead and rest!
  12. Once a Month Do a Weekend Home Retreat.
  13. Once a Week Spend Time with a Spiritual community.
  14. Get Involved in a Service Project.

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