Letter From New ACI-LA President Rick Blue

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Welcome to this première edition of the “new look” ACI-LA newsletter.  I think that it is representative of the growth of ACI-LA.  It’s hard to believe that barely 2 years ago we were laying floors, painting the walls, and busily preparing the Mahasukha Center for our opening in March of 2008.  As a founding board member, I am so pleased to look back and see how we have grown.

Another change is that I have recently succeeded Lauren Benjamin as the President of the ACI-LA board, as Lauren has finished her term on the board.  I have seen first-hand the major role Lauren played in both the creation and stewardship of our center during those crucial early years.  Her hard work and dedication, i.e., “virya,” which means, “joyful effort,” was a major factor in enabling this organization to get on its feet and attain its “sea legs.”  On behalf of all who have been with us during this time, I heartily thank Lauren for her service.  Not to worry – although she has stepped off the board, Lauren of course will continue to be a steady and visible presence as a senior teacher at the Mahasukha Center.

Moving forward as an organization, I think the variety of items in the newsletter reflects our mission.  It shows an energized and involved community at the center, with yoga programs, formal and informal dharma courses, esteemed guest lecturers such as Andy Weber, meditation, film offerings and a strong internet presence – all driven by committees manned by our rank and file members who bring a great diversity and creativity to our center.

The focus of the board will be to provide oversight and support in empowering our members to get involved in the growth of ACI-LA’s Mahasukha Center.  I look forward to doing my part to aid in that goal.

Please enjoy the newsletter.  I hope it inspires you to not only come and enjoy all of our offerings, but also to find an interest, jump in, and get involved.

Lastly, thanks to the new editor of our newsletter, Grant Satareli, and  thanks also to our outgoing editor Catherine Eaton.  Please feel free to contact Grant to find ways you can contribute to future newsletters.


Rick Blue
President, ACI-LA

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